Naoki Otani (大谷直樹)

Master's Student (second year)
Natural Language Processing Lab. (Kurohashi & Kawahara Lab.),
Department of Intelligence Science and Technology,
Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University, Japan
otani [dot] naoki [dot] 65v [at] st [dot] kyoto-u [dot] ac [dot] jp
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Research Interest

My research focuses on natural language processing and machine learning, including knowledge acquisition and quality control in crowdsourcing. I have been running GWAP (Game With A Purpose) on a dialogue system (Onsei-Assist developed by Yahoo! JAPAN) for the purpose of commonsense knowledge acquisition from humans. I am interested in statistical models to utilize crowdsourced annotations and its applications such as resource construction and machine translation evaluation.


2015 - present:
Computer Science, Master's degree, Kyoto University, Supervisor: Sadao Kurohashi.
2011 - 2015:
Computer Science, Bachelor's degree, Kyoto University, Supervisor: Hisashi Kashima.

Work Experience

2016/08 - 2016/10:
Internship, Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, China, Topic: paraphrasing and text normalization, Received Award of Excellence.
2016/02 - :
Internship, Yahoo! JAPAN, Tokyo, Topic: GWAP on spoken dialogue systems for knowledge acquisition.
2016/04 - 2016/07:
Teaching Assistant, programming course, Kyoto University, Kyoto.
2015/09 - 2015/10:
Internship, Mentor: Akiko Murakami, IBM Research - Tokyo, Tokyo, Topic: abbreviation disambiguation.
2015/05 - 2015/08:
Programmer, MLSS 2015 Predictive Modeling Challenge, University of Bigdata, Kyoto University, Kyoto.
2015/04 - 2015/07:
Teaching Assistant, programming course, Kyoto University, Kyoto.
Internship (Math teacher), Tono Frontier High school, Gifu.
Internship, Ministry of Education,Culture, Sports, Science & Technology (MEXT), Tokyo.



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